Monday, December 21, 2009


Well... I'm on a blogging roll.... no stopping me now!!

This would not be a complete account without telling of my nursing tales.

Some of my most meaningful, impactful, and memorable experiences have been in the hospitals. Often they weren't specific or drastic events that touched me- but simply the atmosphere, the countenances and auras of the sweet and beautiful Palestinian people I was blessed to be with.

Children of Palestine have forever reserved a cherished place in my heart. They are so beautiful- with their dark skin, hair and penetrating brown eyes. I want a brown eyed baby so bad!! :) Being with these children brought so much love and appreciation to me. Looking into their eyes taught me so much more about the Savior as they are some of the ones closest to Him.

This room of women cracked me up! We came in to take their childrens vital signs.. and I looked up to see them flocked around us- facinated and very excited about these American girls with blue eyes!! They spoke just about as much arabic as they did English... but they sure tried their hardest to talk to us! We ended just laughing, smiling, hugging and kissing each other- very happy to meet each other even if we could hardly speak a word to each other. Sweet and dear women. :)

Oh little Muhammed!!

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chad said...


Great posts! You are amazing. The Emmetts miss the women of 410.