Monday, December 21, 2009

Even more Galilee!!...

The sunsets there were unbeatable. Oh my heart hurts just looking at this.

Akko was another beautiful place. It was a port on the shore of the Mediterranean and was where Napoleon was defeated and where Paul passed through on his way to Jerusalem. It is filled with Crusader buildings now inhabited by a Palestinian community.

Anna could tell you better... but we went to the Galilee branch in Tiberias. It was a house converted into a chapel with a beautiful view onto the Sea of Galilee.

It was a small, humble place with a powerful and sweet Spirit. People from all over the world with many languages gather there. You could taste Zion in that little building- that all were unified in Christ.

In a place that provokes such deep and genuine gratitude... it was a perfectly fitting that we celebrated thanksgiving there. We stayed on a little Kibutz in bungalos on the shore of the sea. The Israeli workers of the Kibutz wanted to recognize and celebrate our american thanksgiving. They wanted to honor our traditions... but rather... they started my new and future traditions.

We were surprised to walk into the dinning hall and see red white and blue decorations. Apparently... these Israelis had 4th of July and Thanksgiving meshed into one. I found it very fitting- I am grateful for America. :)

As we were marvelling at the decorations... the lights suddenly went out.... and out came....

Sparkling turkies!!

I will forever put sparklers in my thanksgiving turkey. :)

We went to Mt. Tabor- known as the Mt. of Transfiguration.
We sang "High on a Mountain Top" - a hymn written by my ancestor Joel Hills Johnson- a very special song for my family. I thought a lot about my family- especially my sweet father as we sang. I am constantly reminded the honor in my heritage and the examples that I have been blessed with.

As we sat on the Mt. of Transfiguration and read about the apostles recieving the priesthood and the sacred events that took place on this mount, I was filled with reverence and a deeper love and understanding of the Priesthood. All the brothers with the Priesthood stood together and sang, "Ye Elders of Israel".

It was so simple, beautiful and true.

All of it.

I love Galilee.

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