Thursday, September 17, 2009

Isis, Osiris, and Me

We're off to Egypt now. (Like, right now. Like I'm late)
We'll be incommunicable until the 25th, when we'll have glorious tales of sights, sounds, and angry intestines (cross your fingers against the latter please.)

Love you all! thanks so much for your support!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Before we go go

In the wee hours of the morning Thursday we're leaving for Egypt for many many days, so here's a little catch up. (I stole away to Hebrew University with way too much studying to do to be able to upload these pictures so pleeease appreciate them)
First day in the City
These little boys were so cute! We love making friends with the kids here/ notice the onion-shaped church of the Mary Magdelene behind.
This one's for you, Shea Shea/ The church of the flagellation and the condemnation. There were symbols everywhere of  the role of Pilate and of Christ's whipping. We loved decoding them.
Not to mention the cool, legit Roman things! Huh?WE TOUCHED ANCIENT ROME!