Monday, December 21, 2009

final Galilee entry- I promise!

Can't ever get enough sunset pictures here...

Yoga at sunset in Galilee...

Could it have been any better?

We also went to Mt. Carmel

where Elijah called down fire from the heavens and dominated the prophets of Baal. It was awesome to be where such an incredible event and miracle took place.

Yet, I think my favorite part about that experience was being able to listen to different preachers tell the story and testify of the truth in all their different languages, words, and fashion. At all of these sites- it is so wonderful to be surrounded by fellow Christian pilgrams that also know and love our Redeemer. I love all hymns by so many people of many places, colors, languages, and traditions that praise the Lord. It is so beautiful to witness worship and devotion in this Holy Land.

We had the great pleasure of going to the restaurant and feasting on a traditional Galilean meal....'s all about the "experience"-right?

On our way back, we stopped in Haifa... a much needed and very significant stop for my friend Angie Clark and I.

Here in Haifa my relative John Clark was buried. He is a significant character in the history of the church in the Holy Land. He is a big part of the reason that the church is able to have a center in Jerusalem and that the BYU program is there. He was the first missionary to the Holy Land in 1893 and died there of smallpox. I read all of his letters home to his parents throughout his mission and got to share his story with my classmates in the cemetery.

John told his father, Ezra T. Clark, that he would give up all of his inheritance if he would be supported during his education and mission. He LOVED the gospel and was SO excited to preach the gospel to the world. His letters were beautiful- he was faithful and obedient and anxious to do the Lord's work. As I was telling my class about him... another group started singing, "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go."- my dad's favorite hymn. These traits of John and that specific song are so dear to me- especially right now as I am dying to serve a mission and am striving to "give up my inheritance" and do everything possible to go. I was immersed in the Spirit, and inspired to follow John's legacy. I was again reminded of the good name of Clark that I bear. I felt close to John- like I knew him personally. I think it was because I could see the prominate and honorable Clark traits such as hard work, perserverance and faithful obedience that I've always been taught- in the story of his life.

I want to live up to the name of Clark- to be like John- to give up my life from all to small ways to be an instrument and allow the Lord's work to come through me and to help build the Kingdom of God.


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