Friday, December 11, 2009

Whistle while you work

I realized yesterday that Snow White and I have quite a lot in common.

1. We have many woodland creature friends

Sheep friends in the Zurim Valley

Galilean Toad

Big black bird in Masada

Matriarchal She-goat at Neot Kedumim Bible Lands Reserve. We had to herd her herd as a group activity, and she took a liking to me. Guess whose group had the fastest time? Oh yeah. That's right. Follwed me implicitly.

Feral Cats at Ein Gev, Galilee. (DON'T LOOK, DAD!)
The Kibbutz chef gave me his hat and I had to make good use of it.

Wild Baby Ibex at Ein Gedi National Park, right by the Dead Sea. Incidentally, Ein Gedi translates as "spring of the kid." This was my kid. He loved leaves, and I loved him.
perhaps you can't tell from the picture, but his horns were quite sharp.

2. We have much work to do.
She had to clean up the cottage, I have to study for finals. And try to make the very best of my last week (MY LAST WEEK!?) in the Holy Land.
I lied, though. I can't whistle very well.

But I'm going to do a lot of catch-up blogging before I go home. Until then... Happy Hannukah!

Some upcoming highlights:
Bethlehem at Christmas time
Spectacular student talent show and christmas concert
Perhaps (finally) something about Jordan (The Hashemite Kingdom of)
The Separation Barrier
Adventures in the Old City
Adventures in Palestinian homes
Med Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea
Lessons and epipheries.

Love you all,

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