Friday, December 11, 2009

Uh oh... I've been so bad about keeping my part of this account. I could apologize for days... but I'm just gonna jump into it. Starting with Jordan.

So.. we went to Jordan!!!

We stopped by Mt. Nebo- where Moses went up to and the Lord showed him the promised land. (Deuteronomy 32:49)

I suppse we make quite the spectical of ourselves... 40 young adults singing hymns to ourselves- we look up and find tourists crowding around- mistaking us for attractions. Gotta love tourists.

We stopped by an Arab village called Madaba and saw the old map of the Holy Land. A mosiac dating back to 527-565 A.D that has been a very important reference to the format of the ancient Holy Land and events.

Explored Nimrod, an old crusader castle. Yup. SO cool! Epic Acorn battle between buses ensued from the tallest tower.

...mosied on into a beautiful mosque- Abdullah. BEAUTIFUL.

...witnessed a sweet ruinion of Anna and Shea. (which made us all ridiculously happy. We love Shea.)

Oh... have I mentioned PETRA yet?!!!

It was such a magical experience....

I felt like I was frolicing through a picture book!

It was such a carefree, sponatious, and beautiful day that I couldn't have possibly created in my own imagination
Then.. we went to Jerash- which contain some of the best preserved Roman ruins oustide of Europe!!

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