Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jordan continued...

We then proceeded to the citadel of Amman, the original "Philadelphia". We saw more Roman ruins (ya.. not a big deal... just another day in the neighborhood. ;) )

We saw ancient relics such as..
Dead Sea Scrolls.

It was hard to remember all that we saw there... because my memory got glazed over by a random and unfortunate event.

Anna could tell you better... I didn't see it.. but there was a man from Spain... probably in his mid-60's that had gone beyond this railing to sit on the cliff to look over the beautiful city of Amman. As he got up.. he lost his balance and fell backwards and pummeled down the cliff. People ran to me because I had my "nursing bag" (aka- fanny pack of bandaids and tylenol...) to go down and help him. I don't remember what happened next... but suddenly I found myself at the bottom. This was a very lucky man and a very stressful situation. There were Jordanian security guards yelling at him trying to get his name... and he was so flustered... and in pain. He turned... and I was very surprised to see his ear dangling by the bottom of his earlobe. I realized that.. I didn't have quite enough bandaids. He was breathing... seemed to have broken his hand, collar bone, and a rib- but he was a lucky man. I was such a flustered, confused, and helpless little girl in that situation... doing nothing but trying to calm him down and speak english. I was so frazzled and left there with a renewed ambition to jump into my career and become a competent nurse.

Then... on our way back... we stopped by the revered Jordan River.

It was kind of dirty... overpopulated with tourists... but when we were able to find a quiet place as a group and to read of Christ's baptism straight from the scriptures and sing hymns... it was a sweet and sacred experience. I left there reaffirmed and grateful for baptismal covenants and determined to better keep mine.

Jordan was an overall beautiful country. It had the feeling of happy, loving, and humble Palestinian neighborhoods on a large scale.

From the short glimpse that I got.. Jordanians are kind and sweet people that truly love each other, their country, and their king.

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